Thursday, May 17, 2012

Off-Target Audience

HBO has been telling us for months how much we will love it's Judd Apatow produced show "Girls". Telling us it is a realistic view of young women in their 20's making it by in New York City. Kind of an anti-"Sex in the City" of sorts.

you know these girls and I bet you don't like them in real life

 I gave in, I generally like things Judd Apatow is involved in....

One of the best shows on TV EVER!!!

 So I have it a shot, I had high hopes. I was expecting great things.

Then it started.

The pilot introduced us to the main character, entitled and privileged. Oh yeah and she is an artist or writer or {insert other nonpaying creative outlet here} There is nothing about her to like, she thinks her parents have to support her and that they should feel honored to do so. The world is SO HARD and it obviously not enough that your parents worked hard to provide you with everything for the last 25 years  including paying for at least 4 years f a very expensive liberal arts college.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against people with expensive liberal arts degrees

The show was awkward at best, not funny awkward, just awkward. This character is supposed to be in her mid-twenties. She sighs and complains like a 13 year old through the whole 1/2 hour. Ending with getting OMG WASTED with her friends because she has it SO HARD AND LIFE IS SO UNFAIR. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE A STARVING ARTIST WHEN I AM NOT ACTUALLY STARVING?!?!?!

I hate it. That is 30 minutes of my life I could have been watching my cat puke and been more entertained. I have heard how subsequent episodes have gone. Funny gave way to offensive.  Offensive and awkward is lazy lazy writing. Kind of like writing a BSDM Twilight Fanfic and suddenly having a bestselling novel that is a national craze (But that would NEVER happen right? Oh..... right...)

 Sorry HBO you lost me. See you in June for True Blood.


If I am going to watch a TV show about spoiled New Yorkers The CW has had that covered for 5 seasons now... Gossip Girl. I have no shame, it is one of my favorite shows on TV. It about spoiled children of NYC privilege.

Wait, didn't we just go over this? Yes. Yes we did. Except that was the bad version.

These people are nothing like me. They never told me I had to "identify" with them or that I was one of them. I'm not. I did not go to a fancy private school, I did not grow up in Manhattan society (which I to this day remain bitter about, but that is another day), I am not young and tailored and gorgeous.

The girls on "Girls" are exactly these things, except that they also think that just their regular lives are interesting and clever and cool. They're not. They are also not attractive but that has nothing to do with any of this.

See even New York Magazine says so... that means something right?

One of the things I love about Gossip Girl is that the city is one of the characters. Another thing I love is that it really doesn't take it's self seriously. The writing is not groundbreaking, but it is what it needs to be. Interesting, clever and accurate.  You are supposed to hate these kids, but you also kind of like them.

Except for Jenny Humphries, you never like her

They are vicious and mean to each other but also love each other. You know like you and your friends if you had a closet full of shoes that were $1000 a pair, fucked your best friend's girlfriend and did nothing but drink and do drugs from 18 to 25. Oh.... right, you did.

I am a fan of prime time soaps. My new favorite show is "Revenge" I am pretty excited for the "Dallas" reboot. But I also just enjoy good TV.

So stop watching "Girls" start watching "Gossip Girl" You will like yourself more and thank me for it.


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