Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Love Chick Flicks

I do, I really really do. I watch them mostly when I can't sleep, which is often. Mostly this is because they are so mindless and predictable they lull you to sleep.

 Which is why I should hate them.

In most circles I am what is considered a movie snob, I will always prefer the original to the remake. If I even WATCH the remake. I see foreign films, I LIKE foreign films. Slow and boring? COUNT ME IN!!

But DAMN I love me a lousy RomCom. Tonight there is hockey on TV. I remembered months ago I DVR'd some terrible movie and started watching it (until the boy came home and hockey was turned on, and still is on so I will finish watching my movie once it is over)

Not all RomCom/Chick Flicks are bad, some are actually pretty great. Here are five of my favorites that you may have overlooked.

1. Happy Accidents Starring Vincent D'Onofrio and Marisa Tomei 

this is an odd one but OH SO GOOD. I grabbed this when working at a video store and deciding to have a D'Onofrio day at home on a day off. What a great random find. I cannot recommend this enough.

2. Music and Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore

Hugh Grant is like the KING of RomComs. Many have tried to dethrone him but none have succeeded in my mind. I can tell you one thing this is not going to be his only appearance here.

This movie is sickeningly cute and is everything everyone hates about RomComs.

But is does have a pretty great soundtrack and you get Grant as a aging pop star and gems like this:

3. Love Actually starring basically everyone

I might as well get the other Grant film out of the way co-starring with Colin Firth (another perfect romantic lead), Snape and Nanny McPhee, Rick Grimes and Keira Knightly being less annoying than usual.

This is also one of the best Holiday movies ever and I watch it every Christmas.  Then there is Bill Nighy ... Solid Gold Shit

4. Love Me If You Dare starring Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet

An early Cotillard film (2003) that is stunning and funny and dark... very dark.

This film is in French, but suck it up it is also brilliant and one of my favorite films

5. I Love You Phillip Morris starring Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey

Upon seeing this my friend Jesse commented "It's like they made a movie just for you" (I am sure he was meaner but I forget the exact wording) and it's true. This movie is everything I love.

Whether or not you like Chick Flicks or not these are all excellent movies (except for maybe Music and Lyrics which is just cute). Feel free to share some picks of your own.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post Con Sadness

This weekend my girls and I went to Philly Comic Con. As usual fun was had and we touched many hot boys. After this weekends there is always a sadness that comes. For days your heart is racing and there is SO MUCH stimulation that you wonder how your brain and body can stand it.

It can't

Today I slept until Noon, I sat around in my PJs all day and barely did anything but my laundry. I also ate badly and snapped at my boyfriend.
At least I haven't looked at my bank account and cried yet.

Tomorrow I head back to work in FULL FORCE. I am working OT and just jumping the fuck back into it. I have had most of this last month off. It's been glorious.

Over the weekend I thought about this blog, how I should write about fandom things, not just rant about them on Tumblr with naked GIFS and CAPSLOCK. How I have a lot of things to say. How I should be doing this to reflect on things and help me enjoy all these things. A break from my stupid customer service job.

Because MAN is it stupid.

Something needs to happen, I need to write. Write things that are not characters of my favorite shows fucking (WHO DOES THAT NOT ME WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT). Will anyone read it? Maybe not but I will share it and see what happened. Both with readers and with myself.

SO HI EVERYONE, welcome back to my blog.


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