Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my name is Larissa, and I am a {insert a million things here} addict

song chart memes

1) Blogs.

No surprise since I am a regular poster on El Jay (and have this blog) But I am also addicted to other blogs.

And not just the ones of my amazing friends or old friends from El Jay, but lots of blogs.

Ones of New York photographers/boyfriend of Project Runway winners, random graphs of random things(like above), guitarists of bands I obsess over or people from bands I like who make me a little annoyed.

That is not even half of them.

I think I have issues.

2) Music made for people 20 years younger than me.

I recently found out I like Cute is What We Aim For, who I purposely did not ever listen to since I thought it was the worst name ever.

Opposed to Scary Kids Scaring Kids, who have the best name ever and I needed to hear and love because of it.

I now am thinking this week I need to buy the new All Time Low album.

3) The NaughtiNano

I mean I know we all want a vibrator you hook up to your iPod!! For real this is make next purchase.

It would be a little wrong if I combined this with the above. huh?

4) Anthony Bourdain

Seriously can we just get married already. Or at least be BFF's?

5) Lemonade and Cherry Vodka


6) Fun Electronic Things
(and not the kind in #3)

I bought my GPS yesterday. It's Gina's sister. I just got the silver version of Gina, I kinda can't wait to use it.

But now I need a new gadget to covet. I feel incomplete.

So anyway, no idea what sparked this.

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