Thursday, May 19, 2011

It Gets Better

I am not gay. But as many people who are my friend may have noticed I support gay rights with every fiber of my being. Recently there has been an influx of organizations due to the rise of suicides related to bullying.

These are two I enjoy:

(I was going to post a video here but go to the sites, watch them ALL)

Like I said I am not gay, I wasn't even bullied to the extent of some people I knew. But high school? Something you couldn't PAY me to to do again. Especially now, with things like Facebook. I was bad enough being called a "skank" or "witch" (these were the two favorites) while walking down the street, I can't imagine being in the safety of my house and being bombarded by it then too.

Life after high school? AMAZING. You have the chance to get out of your small town if you choose. You start to do things with your time that YOU want to do. You also start working, which as much as it sucks it better than school. Even my crappy first job at BK Lounge was better than high school.

Something else happens... you meet people like you.

When I was 21 I moved into the Boston area. Suddenly I felt like I could breathe. The people around me didn't care who I was or how strange I thought I was. They didn't know my past, nor did they really care.

I started making new friends & connecting with some old ones. In a few years I had officially left that small town and all it's hate behind me. Like I mentioned, I was not bullied, just made fun of, I never will equal my high school experience to the torture some people went and continue to go through.


These times shape you as a person, they make you feel. Those people you hate so much? It's no lie... high school WILL be the best years of their lives. Which looking back at it now is sad and so very much deserved.

They are assholes.

All the rest of us? There are more of us out in the real world. Hell we RUN the real world. It's pretty great out here.

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