Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post Con Sadness

This weekend my girls and I went to Philly Comic Con. As usual fun was had and we touched many hot boys. After this weekends there is always a sadness that comes. For days your heart is racing and there is SO MUCH stimulation that you wonder how your brain and body can stand it.

It can't

Today I slept until Noon, I sat around in my PJs all day and barely did anything but my laundry. I also ate badly and snapped at my boyfriend.
At least I haven't looked at my bank account and cried yet.

Tomorrow I head back to work in FULL FORCE. I am working OT and just jumping the fuck back into it. I have had most of this last month off. It's been glorious.

Over the weekend I thought about this blog, how I should write about fandom things, not just rant about them on Tumblr with naked GIFS and CAPSLOCK. How I have a lot of things to say. How I should be doing this to reflect on things and help me enjoy all these things. A break from my stupid customer service job.

Because MAN is it stupid.

Something needs to happen, I need to write. Write things that are not characters of my favorite shows fucking (WHO DOES THAT NOT ME WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT). Will anyone read it? Maybe not but I will share it and see what happened. Both with readers and with myself.

SO HI EVERYONE, welcome back to my blog.

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Stacey Wall said...

I'm finally checking in on you here. I used to feel the same way when the weekend of going to Chiller Theatre was over. And it wasn't even about meeting anyone specifically, but it was a chance to dress up and be someone else for a couple of days. I miss that. I miss drunken silliness. Hahaha. Love you!


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