Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am not a comic book nerd

I have fought it off for years.

There is a reason I alternate stores.


Yesterday I went to Newbury Comics since it was after school/camp whatever scary kids do this time of year. I won't go to the proper comic store during times other people may be there. I learned my lesson.

Anyway... got the newest Buffy (until next week) and I should be able to catch up Saturday at work. It continues to be awesome. Which is...well...awesome.

I also picked up the trade paperback for Umbrella Academy. Which is so pretty it makes my fangirl heart swell.

If you are not reading both of these you should be. Don't let who writes Umbrella Academy sway you. It really is just a fantastic story and book.

Yeah, I am a dork.

Other than that I think I may be working to much. I took on a second job waiting tables a couple nights a week. Avoiding life, working, it's what I do. But I am not sleeping either. Today and yesterday I could sleep in and was awake at 7:30 today and 9:30 yesterday.

I don't know.

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