Thursday, June 26, 2008

Further Adventures in Dorkdom with Girls Who Have No Sense of Direction

If you still read my LJ this is exactly the same post

So Erin, Amy, Greg and I went to NJ this past weekend.

Erin got a GPS for her birthday. It's a little shocking that it took 34 years for someone to buy one of us this glorious tool. I totally need one now. Anyway, it was nice for the trip down. We named her Gina. She is British and guided us nicely on the scenic route through CT, NY & the NJ (which wasn't very scenic)

Once in NJ Gina starts to get us lost. There are too many turns right after each other off 3W and most of them loop around to the opposite side of the street or down roads of warehouses. This is scenic NJ.

Anyway, the drive this time was much better. We left my house at 8 and got to the hotel around 1. They would not let us check in which was kinda annoying, since I really wanted a nap. So we parked the car on the roof of the garage and ate lunch. Then we registered with the Fangoria folks, who as always were wonderful. Then waited to get our room in the lobby. Finally able to check in we hung out in our room and relaxed for a bit waiting for the MD kids to get there.

While we waited there was not much going on as far as the con went, or not anything we would be upset we missed. WWE people promoting movies, previews they would run later in the weekend and such.

That night all we did is go and get dinner and sat in Amy & Greg's room and had some drinks, since they were upgraded to a super sweet suite for being given someone else's room at check in.

The next day we spent the day listening to Q & A's, watching trailers & buying things. So a typical day at Fango. During this time, we all fell in love with Angus Scrimm, who is the cutest creepy man on the planet and totally should be my grandmother's new boyfriend.

Other awesome Q & A's this day were Ken Foree, who was hilarious and totally loves to be in front of a crowd. Tom Noonan, who I think started every story with "I shouldn't say this but..." and the Italian Horror Directors Ruggero Deodato, Lamberto Bava and Sergio Stivaletti & actress Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni. Who were all together in one Q & A, but mostly people asked Deodato about Cannibal Holocaust. Which I pretty much expected.

Now I have not seen this movie, and am really hesitant to do so since I have HEARD so much about it. But listening to him talk about the movie and all he went through afterward makes me want to at least try. And he also mentioned that they ate all the animals they killed. Which makes it a LITTLE better.

And seriously he looks like a dude you would see eating early bird specials.

That day was also a Q & A with Steve Gonsalves from Ghost Hunters. That was fun and people get super into asking him questions and listening to him.

After dinner we were pretty much exhausted so we hung out for a bit and went to bed.

Sunday was more Q & A's

The Big DEAL today was the Night of the Living Dead panel. Here's my photo with everyone who was there...


YAY! I'm a dork.

But that was really awesome and the few I talked to were mostly very cool. The best two things were 1) Judy O'Dea welcoming me to my picture with "Oh there you are!!" since I had talked to her earlier. Then 2) Romero remembering a few hours later that I had had a photo done with them all.

Yeah, simple things make me happy.

Angus Scrimm did the only repeat Q & A from the previous day, but he decided to recite "The Raven" so it was pretty amazing.

The day ended with Ray Wise, who is so smooth and charming on stage it scares the crap out of me. He kinda scared the crap out of me anyway. But he was fun, and totally was good about spilling too much about "Reaper" for next season. Which I hate, but also love.

After his Q & A was over Erin and I headed home. Said out goodbyes to the MD kids and cried a little as we pulled away.

So we saw lots of previews here are some things that look/sounded particularly good:

Satan Hates You
I Sell The Dead

both from GlassEye Pix which seems to have some other cool things coming out.

Brutal Massacre
This looks pretty hilarious, in the good way

The Tattooist
This looks TERRIBLE! But hilarious, in the bad way.

The Burrowers
Which we only heard about and didn't see a preview, but the actor who was there is hot and Irish


I guess they are having a hard time putting this out, and it seriously looks AMAZING. There is more info on Clive Barker's website

There were more, these were the ones I remember. There are a million things I need to add to my Netflix (but can't since it's full). Some things I should just buy.

We also sat through about 20-30 mins of Splatter Disco, which was just not good. No splatter, no disco. But there was bad musical numbers and Furries. I think it was trick to torture people for fun.


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New Jersey, eh? You were in New Jersey? Interesting. Too bad you don't have any friends you haven't seen in fourteen million years who live in New Jersey. Pity, that.

larissa said...

I am the worst friend EVER.

I should have called. I should have wrote.

You can beat me when we do see each other.

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