Monday, October 26, 2009

It was uphill BOTH ways

I am old. Some days I feel older than others. Lately the weather is KILLING me and about a week ago I was on the couch for an entire day because my ankle hurt so bad I could barely walk. I started a VERY different blog that day that was just bitchy and mean. Maybe we will save that one to finish another day.

Today is not that day. Today we will start my first regular blog posting (that will come as I think of things to add, not on a regular basis)

Things I am WAAAAY too old for

1. Mosh Pits

Over the summer I went to Warped Tour with my cousin. She is 22. We had a GREAT day, we danced and screamed and got sun burnt. It was MY first Warped Tour and it was all I expected it to be.

I also got BEATEN... all day.

This hit a high during Aiden's set. They were the ONE band I didn't want to miss. I got to the stage 2-3 people from front and center. I should have known better. I tried to find video of it. They all cut off before it really starts (search Aiden Scavengers of the Damned Uniondale). Wil, the singer, decides at this point in the set that EVERYONE needs to crowd surf. GRRREEEAT.

I am short, barely 5'2", and not sturdy. A constant stream of people hitting my neck and shoulders is not good. Luckily for me I have also over the year perfected the "duck, cover and BACK THE FUCK UP" move. I got out of my perfect spot FAST. It was 3/4 through the set so I was ok with this.
Because this new "Wall of Death" thing happened. Who thought of this?

Now here is when we come to present. Friday I saw The Used. From safely in my seat in the Balcony I saw this "Wall of Death" again. From above, safely away, this LOOKS awesome. The crowd is separated by the singers orders, the minions obey, then as the song kicks in they CHARGE at each other. I found a pretty good video of this (not from the show I was at)

In my younger years I was in MANY mosh pits. Then that whole Nu-Metal thing happened and Ya-dudes started going to shows and thinking pits where an excuse to beat the crap out of people and feel up chicks. The latter was always the case, but I digress. This is when it stopped being fun. Then time went on.... and I got too old to deal.

Never to old to go to a rock show, I'll just stand by the bar with the parents and act like a fool.

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ElleVee said...

This is true. I went to a From Autumn to Ashes show, and guys seemed to think that 'mosh pit' meant beat everyone to a pulp including the ladies, only first grab their lady-bits.'


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