Wednesday, October 21, 2009

People Like You are Why People Like Me Exist

We all hate things. Some things we passionately hate, with every fiber of our being. Over time I have realized there are many things I hate that people ADORE. I have not written here for some time and what better to write about than hate.

I am a very angry/bitter person.

But I love categories!!!



Junkies are not funny. That is really all I SHOULD have to say here but it is never enough

When I saw Trainspotting for the first time it was the mid-nineties, I want to say 1997. I had lived in Boston for almost 2 years. I was in my early 20's. I lived with a junkie for the entire time and had just thrown them out of my house. I was still living with a small time drug dealer. (This all sounds MUCH more sordid than it is.)

Everyone RAVED about this movie. The poster was ALREADY on everyone's wall, replacing the Pulp Fiction one if Uma Thurman on the floor smoking (you know the one, don't pretend). I recall it asked me to choose things.

I choose to think this movie SUCKS. The only good things it did was launch Ewan McGregor and Danny Boyle's careers (even if "Shallow Grave" should have and was an AMAZING film).

Danny Boyle now has an Oscar and Ewan McGregor is one of the better actors of our time.

"A Life Less Ordinary" was better than this. I do love when Ewan sings, but that is another post.

Didn't I just mention....

Quintin Tarintino
I don't care if I spelled his name wrong. I tried.

Over-rated pompous ASS.

Most important filmakers of our time.... Reservoir Dogs.... turned independent film on to ALL OF THE WORLD!!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!

His movies are not that good. They are basically remakes of 20 movies made 20 years ago that he made into one OMG BRILLIANT SCRIPT. Robert Redford brought indie film to everyone's attention with a small movie fest called Sundance. You may have heard of it? It happens in the the mountains of UT, small little thing, easy to overlook. Redford is also just cooler in general.

But shouldn't have to explain that.

Back to Indie Darling Q. I worked in a video store. BEST JOB EVER. Not that place to dis the Big Q. Boys and movies geeks LOVE him. Support him to the death. I had to be strong.

So I put Killing Zoe on my picks shelf noting "the best thing Tarentino ever touched"

It is. He produced it.

Which I support him doing. Just don't make me listen to your voice, look at your face, watch your movies or FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WATCH YOU ACT.

(I have not seen Inglorious Basterds, I will I am sure. Even though I am morally opposed to both QT and war movies. And also don't dig Eli Roth.)

OK. NEXT!!!!!


Led Zepplin

I grew up in a small Massachusetts town. We partied in the wood, drank Natty Light, smoked A LOT of weed. And listened to classic rock.

I hate Led Zepplin. I know I shouldn't but I do. I will instantly love you if you do too. I just find them VERY annoying and don't like ONE of their songs.

Yet I love Styx. That could really explain everything.



I understand it is THE BEST SHOW EVER. (Which in it's self is wrong since that is either Freaks and Geeks or Buffy but I digress...)

I just can't do it. I tried. The hottness of Ian Somerhalder was not enough (and doesn't he pretty much die in the first few episodes, what a waste). I hate figuring things out, I like black and white, cut and dry. Simple.

That is not even right. I just don't like things to be overly complicated. I like smart, I like mystery. But I hated the X-Files except when they had episodes that went off the conspiracy story line. The black and white Cher one? Some of the best TV ever. Yet I am not a fan.

Like Led Zepplin it makes no sense why I hate Lost. From an outside perspective I should. Just a small town girl... oh wait...

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