Sunday, November 22, 2009

Each day gets more and more like the last day

So I am bored at work and have to delete text messages since it is ALWAYS full. I wanted to document this conversation between my friend Michelle and I at The Used show last month before and during The Almost's set.

I am "L" She is "M"
(there was a couple from her before this that were sent to Nikki who was next to me in the balcony, Michelle was on the floor. And yes we are mean)

L: I think that just made everyone around you think you are totally crazy now
M: Whatever they just don't understand me!! Fuck them!
L: DAMN THE MAN!!! ps. does the blonde dude next to you have a mullet or just bad hair?
M: They'll be upset when they read about how lame they are in my blog. I'll of course be cutting myself while I write so I can capture the essence of my rage
M: bad hair
L: ....IN MY BLOOD!!!!
M: Omg this girl standing near me is wearing the beaded-fringed moccasin-style p-shoes. So bad.
L: That is just wron (I had been drinking)
M: Well I guess she's a rebel and she don't care which shoes are for home and for going out. she says "Fuck shoes. I'm going out shoeless."
L: I like the thought of conformity better than the thought of ringworm
M: There is an inordinate amount of p-shoes down here, point of fact... I'm scared. I need an adult (Michelle is in her early 30's)

(at this point the young boys standing near Michelle notice she keeps looking up at us and start waving, they chat. The first band is over and The Almost is about to be on)

L: See we are helping you make friends hahaa
M: I have enough underaged friends
L: You and me both
M: Good god fucking knuckleheads
M: the little ones with the mohawk & the pretty blond hair are like 10
M: I gotta say I'm not impressed with this band
L: I am totally amazed by the dance off going on in front on you (and there totally was it was kind of awesome)
M: This kid in front of me looks like Vanilla Ice
L: THAT is the one you need to hit on
M: That's enough, Nickleback
L: I stopped paying attention like 4 song ago
M: Totally
M: He sounds like the singer from firehouse--could he find his love of a lifetime and shut up

Needless to say we were NOT fond of The Almost.

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