Sunday, January 3, 2010

Decade in Review Part One: TV

So I am sitting here not watching the last two weeks of Doctor Who. Since as just mentioned to the ElleVee if I don't see it it is not happening. I ENJOY MY DENIAL!!

Anyway while Boy watches something about the world ending in 2012 I figured I would finally do some of these "Best of..." lists

I do love a good list AND countdown. Who am I to deny others like me.

SOOOOO! Going to do 3 of these. TV, Movies & Music. Since what else is there?

TV is first.

Television is used to escape my everyday life. This is why I do not enjoy "Life Without People" or "Things That COULD HAPPEN WITH THE WEATHER THAT WILL END THE WORLD OMG". We do not acknowledge Animal Planet even exists in my house. TV is not for learning. (PS. Who told Willie Nelson to sell his song to the MSPCA? Really?)

The exception that proves this rule is A & E, Hoarders and Intervention are GENIUS! I don't watch them often anymore since they both make me upset. Like in a skin crawly "I can't get clean enough" sort of way.

Shall we begin? Let's....

My Top 5 Shows of the Last Decade!!

5. Glee

really the only reason this is at the bottom is because it has only been on a 1/2 season. It turns out Fox is a BITCH anbout copyright and there are NO show clips of the songs on You Tube. This is a fan vid. I love Finn best. y'all can HAVE Kurt and Puck.

This show is BRILLIANT and I already owed Ryan Murphy my soul now I am going to have to go on a payment plan or something.

4. Torchwood and Doctor Who


Much better.

I put off watching Doctor Who for a very long time. It reminded me of my parents and the "weird" things they watched after I went to bed. The Theme song STILL kinda creeps me out.

Then I started watching Torchwood. Capt Jack Harkness, the perfect imperfect hero/leader. I was sucked in very quickly, watched the first series within a week. It was all over. My friend Gary! (who is dalekg on twitter and has an old school Doctor Who fan club card) informed me I should watch the last few episodes of the most recent season of Doctor Who since there was some Torchwood crossover.

That was the end. It is all SO VERY CLEVER and Gary! is very proud of my progress.

Both of these shows broke my heart this year.

3. Skins

Skins is what the new 90210 wishes is was. One of the BEST shows at representing teenagers EVER (second only to Freaks and Geeks). S3 was a little bit of a let down, I LOOOOOOVED the kids from S1&2 these kids are terrible and I barely like a couple and hate the rest. But I still watch everyone and wish I had thought of this when I was 18-19 (which is how old the creator of this was).

And that awkward kid from "About a Boy" grew up NICE... it makes me feel dirty.

2. True Blood

Yes, in two seasons it is THAT good

for anyone who has known me for any amount of time knows I have a thing for vampires and the horror genre in general. This show NAILED it. I had not read the books so it was fresh to me (I have since read 2 and have all that have been published on the "TO READ" shelf).

I should not have been surprised. Alan Ball is good. But TV is not known for doing this well, unless Joss Whedon is involved. (See: Moonlight, sigh... I wanted that to be good). This is just the right mix of sexy and violent. Just like a vampire show should be.

1. Supernatural


BEST. SHOW. EVER. (that is not Buffy)

Have I convinced you to watch this yet? No?

Let me tell you it is funny and scary and perfect. The writing is good. They poke just enough fun at the fans and themselves. They have been able to keep up as time goes on (for a epic fail of this see Heroes). Nothing about this is bad. NOTHING.

And seriously two of the hottest sweetest boys on the planet star on it.

Go watch the first season, you will want to keep going. Promise.

Now like Heroes I have lost my momentum. I will return later in the week for the other parts of this.

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