Friday, February 12, 2010

Yeah, I am going to discuss religion.

I am not religious. Yes, it's odd to start with this statement but I feel like I should because of my next.

I am going straight to Hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200.


There are many reasons. Most Catholics with tell you that it is just the fact I do not repent for my sins and fail to believe in "God" or follow the word of Jesus. Personally I think you should have to do more than SAY you follow someone's words or that this all powerful entity is in control of your life and actions. You are in control of your destiny.

This brings me to my # 1 reason I am going to Hell. Just the fact that I THINK I am in control of my destiny makes me pretty much a Satanist to many people. But this is only because most of what people who READ know about Satanism is what Anton LeVey wrote about Satanism. If you don't believe in God in the Catholic sense you can't believe in Satan. Therefore making Satanists just really Anti-Catholics. Modern Satanism is really just being a selfish prick and doing whatever you want. Which I also fully support.

I work in a office with MANY very religious people. Openly religious. Which I think is fine. But would they feel the same if I was just as open about my anti-religion stance. Not likely. Which goes against the acceptance and forgiveness that is the pillar of most religion.

These are where the problems in religion are.

That said I think faith is very important. Mostly faith in one's self. I also think being spiritual is very important. But if you are going to say you are something know what it is. Know what is before you tell me where I will be spending eternity.

Yeah I read too much. I was a kid who spent too much time in the library. I also still find Theology exciting and super interesting.

The other reason I am going to hell? That time I decapitated the statue of the pope at a friend's funeral.


faye said...

To be fair, I think most people think Satanists are creepy people who try to summon the devil or something, and have no idea about Lavey's work or modern self-oriented Satanism.

But otherwise, I'm right with you.

Decapitated a pope statue? Tell me more.

larissa said...

Sometimes I give people too much credit.

At a friend's wake I backed up to get out of the way of someone else and landed on a table that had said statue on it. When I tried to catch it to prevent it falling to the floor I failed and ended up ripping the head off. The funeral home was NOT pleased. I got thanked later by the friend's mother for providing a much needed laugh.

Me? The definition of grace and class.

Kristen said...

I'll be going to hell with you...
My landlord put a box outside that had been sitting for 2 months... so I threw the whole box of shit out...
and dropped it into the bag.
FULL of religious figures that were his Nana's he was going to throw out but as a good Catholic boy, couldn't do it. I killed Jesus, Mary, a few other statues.... their heads, arms, bodies... all broken.
At least we'll be in good company in hell!!


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