Thursday, March 18, 2010

my life in Hair Metal

this is what I looked like when I was 17

I hung out at the beach and went to all ages shows at the sketchy club that hosted them. We were there A LOT. So much people there knew us, we were regulars before we could vote. This should have been a sign but that is a different entry all together.

A while ago I read this article after being linked to it through something involving Butch Walker (who I try to mention in very blog I write). ANYWAY! This article compares everything I listen to now to everything I listened to 20-25 years ago.


It made me think about it and listen to some one those old bands and songs again. Except I would listen to them thinking about who I listen to now. Leaving out Mr. Walker since he was IN a hair band and I can just directly compare those two. Since OH YES I have those cassettes (thanks Kat!)

Yes, I pulled out cassettes. For those of you who may not know what those are they were what we had before CDs they looked like this...
They were amazing and I love them like people love records and have come to own A LOT of them since I am one of few people that still have a cassette player in their home. (this collection includes many a mixtape which the lovery Miss Banshee wrote an amazing blog about and you should be reading her anyway).

Yet again I DIGRESS!!!

So I listened to L.A. Guns then The Sea Hags then some Trixter and so on.

Before Bret Michaels was a reality TV star. Before Kurt Cobain was a rock star. When boys looked (actually) like women and IT WAS GLORIOUS

This music wasn't about feelings. This music was about living fast and falling faster.

(this is still one of the best songs ever)

The more I thought about it the more I think it is true... the article mentions Warrant/Taking Back Sunday but really?

Skid Row/My Chemical Romance
LA Guns/The Used
Cinderella/Fall Out Boy
Faster Pussycat/Aiden
Poison/Cobra Starship

it can go on... it's fun and easy to do! I am not shocked, I love them all SO MUCH. Then and now. Most of todays bands were just being BORN when these bands were big, they list Green Day and Blink 182 as influences. It's weird.

The 90's (my late teens/early 20's) were a bleak time. I barely bought music and I rarely saw bands I liked play. I listened to some of the "grunge" stage of rock music. There was a lot of Marilyn Manson during this time.

Generally music stopped being fun. Knock the emo kid scene all you want they made things FUN again.

Slapped on a little eyeliner got a little pretty and wrote nice upbeat songs.
(these boys were all born about when I graduated high school, making me old enough to be their mother)

and yes that is Flava Flav.

Say what you will, it doesn't make me upset or depressed. Usually it makes me dance my butt off and scream my lungs out. To me music was always there.

The internet has made music weird. There was always a scene but it seems so much more defined now. Fans seem more entitled now. Like the bands are the performing monkey in the hat and they are the crazy Russian cranking the box. This bothers me more than you know.

My life has a total soundtrack. Most days it includes every band mentioned or shown here.

And I am perfectly ok with that.

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