Friday, March 4, 2011

30 Days of Music RETURNS Stupid Day Sixteen: a song that you used to love but now hate

So I never finished this meme... lots of people have since started doing it on Facebook and it made me realize I suck and need to just past this stupid Day 16 that I never could and still can't think of a song for.

Against my Gemini Nature I am not a very fickle person. I like what I like and it takes a lot for me not to like whatever that may be.

This brings me to Day Sixteen and my altered version of it. This also brings me to Marilyn Manson.

I discovered Marilyn Manson around 1995. A friend I have since lost contact with showed us misfits hanging in the usual place (the would be the Acton Bickfords) and I was hooked. The songs were AMAZING the image was OUT OF CONTROL and it was all I could possibly want as a weird kid on the brink of being a weird adult.

Years go by, a cover song is released as a single, popularity grows, religious groups picket. I was excited. I remained excited. Manson backed up the image and the songs with brilliant tirades and gave interviews that made everyone think he MIGHT know what the deal is.

Then something happened. First a small show with my loverly friend Miss Banshee. The music sounded great but the cocaine fueled "talk" between songs was awful. I use quotes because I'll be dammed if there were actual words there. Then 2007 the first album after 4 years came out. It was terrible. The songs didn't make sense the interviews came across as babbling tirades. Mason was coming across as a bitter old man. The music scene was changing. The shock wasn't so shocking anymore and the music was tired. After 10+ years it seemed like all Manson cared about was money and drugs.

(March 2011)

So this entry isn't just one song, since I still love all the songs between 1994 and 2003. But the band, who since 2003 has released 2 albums. The last one I didn't even bother to buy. And a person who basically has just become a parody of who they used to be.

Now we have Gaga... who is basically Manson from about 1999 in a tiny little girl package

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