Monday, November 22, 2010

Buffy and Me

So as many of us know already they announced the "recreation" of Buffy without Joss Whedon being involved. Then we also may know that Joss reacted and was brilliant and hilarious and awesome.

If you have even met me for a second you may know I am a HUGE Buffy fan. I have been for some time. Also you may have heard such rants as "Why is American television ruining all the British TV I love?" or "Do not fear subtitles" and lastly "LEAVE MY BELOVED FRANCHISE ALONE"

This last one falls into play here. I have sat by and watched them ruin 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' one of my favorite horror franchises of all time. I hear every so often that they are in "talks" to re-do "Evil Dead" (note: This will be the day I make my Jay and Silent Bob trip to LA). Then this news comes today.

I read a LOT of entertainment news, this rumor surfaced earlier this year and faded away. I had hoped it was because they realized it was the worst idea ever to be thought.

No such luck.

Buffy is one of the most important pop culture ingredients to me being me. I fell upon it while working at The Bar Everyone Knows Me From when one of my regulars asked me to turn it on. It was Season 2 and I mocked this middle aged gentlemen.He told me he had done the same until his teenage niece made him sit down and watch it with her. Whoever that 13 year old is now THANK YOU. I was hooked pretty quickly. I stopped working on nights it was on.

Then I entered FANDOM.

There were the Conventions, the Sing-a-longs, the trips out of state, the photo ops... the thousands and thousands of dollars. Once more Buffy hooked me in. Over the years I have met most of the main (and some not so main) cast members. All of which (minus a few, ok minus ONE) have been some of the most amazingly grateful and genuine people. I have bought and had many drinks, seen some things that I never imagined I would see when I started watching this little show on The WB

Through the Buffy fandom I have seen places I would never otherwise see (HELLO CATSKILL NY, EWWWW) met some of the most amazing people some of which are some of my best friends. I CONTINUE to meet amazing people from all over the US and the world. People who know they at least have one thing in common. The love of Buffy.

Never would I want to trade any of these experiences back. Every penny spent, every week living off ramen noodles worth it. So when I read things about them "reimagining" the franchise for a new film without one of the most CRITICAL parts of the show intact? I cringe and become angry and post an angry wordy blog about it.

Since it obviously is more that just a tv show.

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