Friday, January 1, 2016

Larissa Rewatches Movies She Hates: Dirty Dancing

So recently I was talking to my dear Elle about movies I hate everyone loves. Her and I met on the internet arguing about such things. While time has not made me like Tarantino any more we wondered if time would change my opinion of some of my most hated films.

I started tonight with Dirty Dancing.

When this movie came out in 1987 I was in FULL Lost Boys/Stand By Me obsession. I was a weird girl, even at 13. It's kinda when I started becoming weird.

So Dirty Dancing... the movie everyone, especially Gen X-ers, love? I hate.

Tonight I watched it from start to finish again. I still don't get it.

It's the story of Francis "Baby" Houseman, a girl who is obviously not like other girls. She is smart and thinks for herself. She also naturally wants to change the world. Her dad is a doctor, mom a cookie cutter doctor's wife and she has a vapid sister who wants to marry the rich awful boy who is in law school.  It takes place at what seems like the worst place on earth, I will complain less about summer camp because of this.

The "entertainment" staff at the resort are trouble and they are ones you don't want your kids associating with when you are a big (handsome) doctor from the city. Right, Jer?

Jerry Orbach is the second most handsome man in this movie (because who I am kidding Swayze was SEXY).

Well of COURSE Baby thinks for herself and quickly learns that the staff has the best parties and has lots of sex. She also wants to make them think she is different from all the other rich girls. The poor kids naturally don't buy it because a rich girl could't possibly understand REAL problems.

While trying to help the poor kids by flaunting her money and free time Baby is mesmerized by Johnny's hips and disobeys Daddy and continues to see him. OF COURSE.

OF COURSE Johnny falls for Baby, OF COURSE everyone learns that classism is a little wrong and OF COURSE they kiss at the end.

The best thing, and really only redeeming thing after the aforementioned Swayze hips, is the soundtrack. Albeit not genuine to 1963, even the modern songs blend pretty well. Except the random Pointer Sisters, but I think they had a deal with a Deity to be on every soundtrack in the 80's.

So this movie is still terrible and feels more cliche, even though I am sure it did then. It will not be removed from my Top Hated list.

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