Sunday, January 10, 2016

Larissa Rewatches Movies She Hates: Dazed and Confused

to be fair, I rewatched this months ago and really don't want to do it again.

Dazed and Confused... you ALL love this movie. It like "defines a generation" or some crap like that. I was part of that generation. I grew up in a small town that not many people left. Matthew McConaughey's character really exists and he is not that charming/handsome/interesting.

When this came out I was just starting my escape from that town. High school was barely a year behind me and I HATED high school. I ran as fast as I could from it (which realistically takes 2-3 years) and ended up in the city. Maybe not the one I belong in but that one that is close and the one that is home 20 or so years later. I saw it around that time.

tonight I tried to watch this 10 minute montage of clips and even it annoyed me.

It takes place in the 70's but in the early to mid 90's it was basically the same.  Stoners and cool kids and parties.  This movie takes place in a bigger town than mine (that is Gummo and I will never watch that one again, ew) at the end of the school year. Everyone is getting all "revved up" for the big party in the woods

For those of you who did not grow up in small towns, yes we really did have parties in the woods, we were all excellent at peeing outside. You might not think this is a useful skill but it is, trust me.

I digress.

I love movies about high school but not movies that remind me of ACTUAL high school. You couldn't pay me enough to do that shit again.

So yes, this is a good movie since it does a great job of showing that part of life, it makes me so angry and sad and I still hate it.

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