Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am bad at being a girl

TWO ENTRIES IN A WEEK!! Try not to die of excitement.

Today was Feeney's birthday. We went to Denny's for breakfast/lunch and saw a double feature(or our own making not the theater's)

We saw "Fast & Furious" and "Crank:High Voltage" and yes we wanted to see them.

You see we love action movies. Love to watch people drive fast cars, shoot guns and blow shit up. I would rather see the latest disaster flick than romcom. The world is going to end! I AM THERE!

While telling people of this plan, if they don't know me very well, it may be a bit shocking. Then I realized for possibly the millionth time in my life I SUCK at being a girl.

Before the movies and after food I bought comics.

When I am depressed or upset I will want to watch a slasher movie. When I worked at the video store this was fun. I could walk over and just grab something like "Splatter Dead" (which is TERRIBLE) bring it home and have my troubles hacked away bloody blow by ax wielding blow. It's comforting to know something so simple can cure all.

The last time I was in a killer pissed off mood I went and saw "Let the Right One In" this was magical. They had the blood I expect in a vampire movie. But since the girl in me sometimes peeks around the corner to make sure everything is safe I loved the fact that there was a little romance mixed in. Say what you will this was a love/friendship story more than anything else.

My movie watching habits are just part of it. The part that sparked this rant. For most of my teen years I had more guy friends than girl friends. Its been stated more than once that I "didn't count as a girl" by more than one of them. It wasn't until very recently that I looked around me and found a group of truly amazing women in my life. Friends I have made over the years in one way or another.

Now, I can be as girly as the next female. I love make up and still get all weak kneed over a hot boy (as seen right here in this blog). So I guess if I was a dude I would be very gay.

Jason Statham is BAD ASS!

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