Thursday, June 18, 2009

Slacker Bitch

So anyway...

Where was I?

Oh right I suck.

Tonight was the second time in a month I avoided being in a semi-serious car accident on I-93.

The night of Dana's bachlorette party I saw a taxi spin out and a newspaper truck slam into the side of the taxi. I had to swerve to not hit them. It was 4 AM and I had been awake for 22 hours. It was a little shocking, but I was TIRED and amazed that I did not hit them in my extreme exhaustion.

Tonight on my way home from work. Coming onto the the highway. Traffic was backed up at 10:30 at night since IT IS BOSTON AND THERE IS ALWAYS TRAFFIC. So I am coming onto the highway on the on ramp and the people in front of me come to a DEAD STOP. I stopped a little short but not tire squealing short. The guy behind me does the same. The JACKASS behind him SQUEAL SMASH right into him. I hear it then look in my rear view and see jackass's car blocking the on ramp since now their car is SIDEWAYS. I didn't stop, since I really had nothing to do with it, didn't see anything, and was TIRED (again). I felt a little bad, still do. But what good would I be REALLY? Besides being a cranky tired bitch (which I am QUITE excellent at)

My big concern is that this is like a "Final Destination" sort of thing and it is only time before the Angel/Demon of Car Accidents catches up with me.

I love my Teenage Dork Machine. No one can hurt her.


me and my car in I think 2005, such an odd photo

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