Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bad at finishing memes, JoBros Adventure and future awesome

I stopped the "30 Days..." thing at day 15. I got stuck and am still stuck on day 16

a song that you used to love but now hate

I don't think there is one of these, but there HAS to be. But all those crappy songs? I still love them.

So instead I will talk about other things.


I went and saw the Jonas Brothers in concert. My dear friend ElleVee asked for every detail.

(holy crap random celebrity cameos!! DAVID CARRADINE? DANNY TREIJO?? REALLY? Yes really.)

Since the show, which was a week ago, I have had this song stuck in my head. It was the last one they played and one of like 4 or 5 (SHAME) that I actually knew. Its like a hit or something.

The tickets were free at the last minute. My office is above the Boston area office for Radio Disney. They are awesome people and I consider some friends. They gave me the tickets since I had made it known previously my friend Erin LOOOOVES the JoBros. This is another reason I know some songs. REALLY!! So I got a last minute email that they had some tickets and asked if i wanted some. A few phone calls later we were on our way. Scared.

Well, it wasn't too scary. Tween girls are ok and too wrapped up in OMGNICKJOEKEVIN!!!! to be too annoying. THERE WAS AMAZING SCREAMING LIKE I HAVE NEVER HEARD. I was too old and WAY too cool for NKOTB so I had never seen anything like this. It was insane.

As far as the Jonas' they seem like very nice boys. I also enjoy people who have a sense of humor about who they are and what they do. These boys have it. I am convinced that is one of the things that makes you last in The Fame Machine.

The other is talent. They actually have some of that too. Two of them play instruments, one plays like a million of them. The songs are cute and catchy. Honestly I am curious and borderline exited to see what they can do with a few years and out of the influence of Pixy Dust.

So yes, I saw the Jonas Brothers. I have also seen Slayer. Wanna fight about it?

Eventually I will be able to complete Day 16 continuing the 30 days but today is not that day.

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