Saturday, January 23, 2010

Decade in Review Part 3: Movies

I had a really tough time with this list. I see A LOT of movies. Some are garbage, but most are good. When thinking of movies from the last decade I was underwhelmed so few that I was OMG BRILLIANT about.

Here are a few that stood out

Planet Terror

Robert Rodriguez will one day be part of my harem of husbands (he can be the XL size, but that is a story for another day). I saw "Grindhouse" opening weekend I WAS SO VERY EXCITED. I am glad we got to experience it with Death Proof. Honestly though this was 12342x better. Zombies and shooting and Freddie Rodriquez and Robert Rodriguez and Rose's machine gun leg! ROSE MCGOWAN HAS A MACHINE GUN FOR A LEG!! There was nothing for me NOT to love about this movie.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I have MAJOR crushes on both Jim Carrey AND Kate Winslet so I would have seen this movie even if it was terrible. Overall I like Michel Gondry as a director. His movies are always interesting and pretty to look at. This one is no different. I went and saw it by myself, then a few days later took The Boy. I SOBBED both times and do everytime I watch this. I love this story(so do others it won a screenplay Oscar). I love the fact that even if we erase someone from our memory sometimes fate brings us together anyway. (sometimes my girly-ness makes me want to puke)

Shaun of The Dead

Do you know me? Well if you do there is no need to explain this choice. I am pretty sure everyone who reads this knows me but just in case. I love horror movies, zombies are a close second to vampires. Pretty much I will see something if it has characters that were once dead and now are not and walk among us. I also enjoy a well made satire. None of that "Scary Movie" shit THIS is how you make a comedy that is also a wonderful homage to the zombie movies we all grew up with.

These 3 (l-r Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) are BRILLIANT! Do you follow them on Twitter? If you don't you should, if you don't have a Twitter you should JUST to follow them. Me? I would follow them all to the end of the earth, but I also have issues. But that is besides the point, they are HILARIOUS!! This movie is hilarious and bloody and would probably make my top list of all time not just the decade.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This one I am just going to use clips for because anything I say will sound like fangirl screaming at this point.

now I have to watch this and listen to the soundtrack today.

100% amazing. Just watch it, don't think about "musical" or "drag" because all it will do it make you miss one of the best films EVER.

Also if you ever get a chance to see a stage production of this DO IT.

Let the Right One In

Yeah I know, vampires are TOTALLY IN right now. So why did no one see this movie? Is it because it has subtitles? Or the only vampire in it is a pre-teen girl not a sparklely high school senior?

THIS film is BARELY a vampire movie. It is about love and friendship and growing old. And it's gorgeous and it's brilliantly written and I will VIOLENTLY PROTEST THE AMERICAN REMAKE!! WHY USA? WHY ARE YOU SO A-SCARED OF SUBTITLES? It's really a shame since Hollywood is totally going to ruin the beauty of this film.

There you go peeps. I have no idea why this was such a hard list. I even have RUNNERS UP: Moulin Rouge, Children of Men, Old Boy all could have been on this list if I had made it longer. But I am sticking with only 5.


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This is why I love you; you know, because you are so perfect, in the way that you are exactly like me. Which means you are totally awesome in every single way.

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we are pretty amazing and perfect


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