Sunday, January 10, 2010

Decade in Review Part Two: Music

This decade I rediscovered music it seems. As much as everyone seems to dislike the "emo" music I embraced it. Suddenly I could not get enough of the music that was being released and enjoyed more new music than I had in YEARS. It seemed the late 90's were a little too mellow and indie for me, maybe even too sad. Then suddenly that exploded into ANGST AND ANGER AND LOUD!!

I was a metal kid for all intents and purposes. But my favorite bands were always basic rock bands. The Replacements, Concrete Blonde, Soul Asylum, INXS... you get the idea. I also was SUPER into hair bands, but the sleazy LA kind: Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, Skid Row... less hair spray more cocaine and leather. Which led to my love of Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls and Big Star.

It all makes sense now doesn't it.

So thank you 2000's for making me love music again

5. Cobra Starship

This is my favorite

The first time I heard Cobra Starship was live. I saw them open for 30 Seconds to Mars and Head Automatica. It was right after the first album came out. I walked in as the band before them was ending (they were kinda bad). Then this crazy looking group of kids took the stage. AND I WAS FLOORED. I made sure I bought a CD on the way out, I dug it, then thought nothing more. When Viva La Cobra came out is when I was hooked. They are fun and ridiculous and THEY have fun.

Cobra shows are some of the most fun experiences EVER, you shake your butt off and I usually come home with 1/2 my voice. I will always prefer seeing them live than on CD. And I am so ::sniff:: proud that this year as been so great from them.

4. The Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer

I picked this song because I love it and also love Jools Holland

Living in Boston the Dresden Dolls had been on the local scene for a bit, I had heard about them but had never had a chance to see them. I gave them a listen and was impressed by how different and pretty damn amazing they were.

Last year Amanda Palmer released a solo album that was one of the best things I had ever heard. It made my top albums of last year. If you do not have it go get in now then do the same with the Dresden Dolls albums. You will not be sorry.

3. The Used

Pretty much I love everything about The Used.

I wish I could say I loved them the second I heard them, but I didn't I actually HATED it. Bert's voice got on my nerves so I never gave it a second listen. Then I heard "I Caught Fire" somewhere and was all "Who is THIS?" so I went back and realized I must have been high on crack the first time I listened to them since it was OBVIOUSLY wonderful.

The thing I love about them the most is that they are sort of jerks, but in a nice way. That makes no sense, I know. But I feel like they do make music for themselves and are glad that people like it. Too many artists make music for people and hope they (the band) like it.

They are also HILARIOUS.

It is embarrassing how many times I have watched this.

2. My Chemical Romance

Since I always use "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" I will use this, my second favorite MCR song to sign at the top of my lungs in the car

This will not be the "They saved my life OMG!!" because they didn't, but I love them. Love that their songs are amazing, love that they are dorks. Everything I read, see or hear from/about them makes me love them a little more.

For a bit I tried to resist them and it was useless. You sound like that and and like comic books, horror movies and were an outsider as a kid? Yeah, it was useless to try it all had been decided for me.

1. Butch Walker

it's really not fair to put this here since he has been putting out music for years but started putting out solo albums this decade SO IT TOTALLY COUNTS!!

Again trying to share something that I have not used a trillion times.

This man :::sigh::: the songs are perfect always, he is one of the most genuine and amazing people I have ever met. Seeing him preform is something I crave and never doesn't send chills up my spine and often brings me to tears.

Yep, Butch Walker... forever #1 (and I will always find a loophole to make it so.)

This year started with me seeing Butch, next month I see The Used. Both MCR and Butch are putting out new albums in the next couple of months. What does this mean? That I will be taking LOTS of time off to "go on tour" lol

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'The City is At War' and 'I Kissed a Boy' are my favourite Cobra Starship songs.


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