Wednesday, August 11, 2010

30 Days of Music Day Eleven: day 11 - A Song From Your Favorite Band

Hard one. Like favorite song this one changes. I have already picked some of my favorites for others. I am torn now between two groups from Minneapolis. I think I will pick them BOTH!!

The Replacements ~ Bastards of Young

I wanted to post "The Ledge" but there were no good videos of it. Go find it and listen to it, one of the most beautiful songs ever written. The Replacements are responsible for so much music I listen to now. I feel still like they do not get the credit they deserve for being AMAZING.

True story. I met Paul Westerberg about 4 hours into a 24 hour bug. I was SO RUDE to him. I was carrying a Lenore lunchbox (since I am a mature adult!) and he was using it to lean on to sign my ticket. He asked if he could sign that instead and I said no THAT I LIKED IT TOO MUCH. TO PAUL FUCKING WESTERBERG!! My punishment is that the puking started about 2 hours later and did not stop until the next day.

One day I will meet Roman Dirge and have HIM sign said lunchbox and tell him this.

Soul Asylum ~ Cartoon

Something about Minneapolis makes you the most amazing song writers EVER (Hello PRINCE!!) When I was about 17 I decided that Dave Pirner needed to be my boyfriend forever (he's not sadly). I got to see them last year for my birthday and it was awesome. I have not met them, even though I have had a few chances. I feel like this is a good thing since I would most likely turn into a idiot just telling them all how much I love them over and over.

no one needs that.

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