Sunday, August 1, 2010

30 Days of Music Day One: Your Favorite Song: Drive By ~ The Day That You Decide

How does one pick their favorite song? Is it something that reminds you of a certain person or place? Or brings on a feeling so strong? Laughter, tears, anger, all three.

The answer is yes to all of these

I find it hard to believe that anyone has an all time favorite song. Mine changes all the time. Depending on what I am going through at that time. According to the amount of times I have played it on my iTunes/iPod it's this song, so I am going to go with that

Sorry to my LDB girls that I didn't use one of the live videos, I needed the recorded version for this I think.

So according to my electronics I have listened to this song 41 times. I first found out about Drive By the way many others did through the My Chemical Romance fandom. I picked up the first album and really enjoyed it. Then I got lucky and saw them open for them in Philadelphia. This in it's self was a stroke of luck. Nikki and I hit crazy traffic on our way to Philly and missed them the first of the two nights they were there. Somehow I had managed to get CHEAP tickets off eBay for the second night and caught them that night and was IN LOVE. I bought the new CD added them to all my show stalking lists so I could make sure I saw them again. Which I did... a lot. I met some great people who I now consider great friends through all this too.

ANYWAY that is more about why I love Drive By and not why I love this song. That is harder to put into words. Actually no, it IS the words to this song. I heard it at a time I NEEDED to hear it. Things were weird and crappy and it was one of those times where I felt like my deep dark thoughts were amazingly put into song. I wish there were specific things I could say or quote from it but I can't it's the whole thing. Honestly one of the most amazing songs ever. Thanks guys!

(I listened to it 4 more times while I typed this)

PS: The next most listened to is at 30 plays, just to give it some perspective

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