Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 Days of Music Day Fifteen: A Song That Describes You: 4 Non-Blondes ~ Spaceman

I am way behind on this. 4 days to be exact. This week is busy, getting ready for vacation is hard. I also saw Adam Lambert which was awesome. And as much as I wish I could use one of his songs for this one I really can't (I am tempted to use "Sure Fire Winners" here, ha!)

This song.

From the first time I heard it was "my" song. It was when 4 Non Blondes was just having a hit with that other song everyone knows. I was 18 years old. Not saying that I haven't changed much since I was 18 but this song still feels like me.

Linda Perry is an amazing songwriter. Thank you Pink for bringing her back into music.

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