Monday, August 2, 2010

30 Days of Music Day Three: A Song That Makes You Happy: Rufus Wainwright ~ Between My Legs

tomorrow I am not going to have a chance to do this so I am going to write and post this now. It was only 12 hours between the last 2 anyway.

The reason I will not be able to do this tomorrow (besides that stupid JOB thing I have to do) I that I am seeing Rufus Wainwright play. In honor of that here is todays song:

lol, Jake Gyllenhaal

Rufus makes me happy in general. The first time I heard this song was live so I wanted to use a live version. Which as always in his case is as flawless as the recording. You should love Rufus.

I remember I saw his photograph in Interview Magazine (which I subscribed to for YEARS mainly to just look at the pictures). Those who know me know I am a sucker for a pretty boy, even more if he's a pretty GAY boy. I am a sad stereotype that way. ANYWAY I picked up "Poses" which was the new album at the time, his second. BRILLIANT. I was hooked.

Most people only know Rufus from his soundtrack covers, but there is so much more. Pick up/buy a few songs. The one above & "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" are a couple of my favorites. But any will do. Listen to the recording he did to mirror a VERY famous Judy Garland concert in NYC. BRILLIANT!!!!

I can't explain these very well can I?

ahhhh Judy

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