Wednesday, August 4, 2010

30 Days of Music Day Four: A Song That Makes You Sad: Butch Walker ~ ATL

Butch Walker. It took 4 days before I got to you. I am a little shocked, but also I was trying.

And OF COURSE it’s this day.

This song has made me cry almost every time I hear it. Which can be a little embarrassing when in a club watching Mr. Walker. (who I might add was VERY nice the time I almost started crying talking to him about ANOTHER song of his that makes me cry, he’s really the best ever PERIOD, your argument is invalid)

Here’s the story on why it’s this one:

(please note not ALL the words to this song are directly related to this story, but yeah the whole song does me in)

About 10 years ago both of my brothers moved to Georgia. One for work the other because he joined the Army. My brothers are smart, too smart. Because of this they get into EPIC amounts of trouble. The time in Georgia led to much trouble, much crying on my part and a lot of me concerned I would be one brother short by the end of all of it.

At this time stopped watching news programs since I substituted sleep for CNN and would often wake boyfriend up crying at 5 AM. I started to understand that even though things for me were not that great and shiny it could be worse and was. I understood finally what it meant to be the older sister. Even though my brothers drove me crazy I still loved them more than anything and would do anything to make sure they were safe and happy.

This song named for the city Butch loves so much brings so many of the feelings from this time back. Even as I type this I get teary… I am sitting at work. Like I said embarrassing.

As a happy ending (not that kind pervs) both of my brothers are great. All these crazy things have turned them BOTH into amazing men who I am proud to be big sister to.

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